About R.A.B.C.

The Rating Agency of Building Complex (R.A.B.C.) provides developing of ratings, rankings and makes analytical investigations thus serving as a mechanism of an independent control. By applying results of rating evaluation a degree of potential risks in entering a contract with a company of construction industry can be professionally evaluated and taken into consideration. At the same time, members of the industry can monitor problems arising in their functioning and start their solving beforehand in good time.

Our mission

We aim to create a source of an independent, universal and professional information about construction industry of Russia and accompanying sectors of its economics:

  • By means of a combination of a scientific approach and rating companies’ performance

  • Based on principles of independence, professionalism and intelligibility

  • With an eye to enhance transparency of the industry and developing public control over its operation

  • Our goals

  • Assistance to Russian regions and other administrative-territorial entities in producing an inviting investment climate.
  • Increasing of competitive ability of national construction companies.
  • Development and enhancement of rating methodology oriented on construction industry and related sectors of economics.
  • Contribution to implementing a national plan of ‘Improving business climate in construction industry’.
  • Contribution to public control in government procurements.
  • Popularizing an instrument of rating methodology in society, professional and expert fellowship, becoming rating evaluation an inherent part of market processes.
  • Supporting national associations and self-regulatory organizations in improving information transparency of the industry.
  • Creating a method of intelligible evaluation of companies’ performance for different directions of activity based on a system of rating marks.
  • Providing the most reliable and responsible participants of the market with the best conditions in a process of raising credit funds, insuring and participation in leasing projects.
  • Responsibilities

    R.A.B.C. has taken following responsibilities:

    1. To keep confidentiality and secrecy, not to transmit received information to any other participants of the market;
    2. To be objective and unprejudiced, not to take inequitable actions in favor of any specific participant of the market;
    3. Not to misinform or deceive clients and other consumers of rating results;
    4. To take all possible measures for prompt correction of rating evaluation results in case of alteration or update of original information package;
    5. To make public all unauthorized attempts to manipulate results of fair rating evaluation inclusively those made by means of granting any kind of reward or paying extra fee not provided by initial contract agreement;
    6. To operate in the interests of all construction industry of Russia rather than its particular participants;
    7. To tend to deserve a rightful acknowledgement and respect from our clients and customers as well as authorities, self-regulatory organizations and other controllers of the market;
    8. In a process of rating evaluation to appeal only to criteria not wounding rights and interests of small companies in favor of large corporations.


    As of 2015, more than 150 thousands of admissions on construction, projecting and surveying works have been granted in Russia by its authorities. Annual growth of this parameter amounts to 6% which implies that construction industry is a rapidly growing sector of economics.

    In such way, the most important advantages of operating of the Rating Agency of Building Complex (R.A.B.C.) are the following:

  • Rating marks assigned by the Rating Agency of Building Complex give customers an opportunity to select an optimal provider of services and works with the best correlation between price and quality.

  • Results of rating evaluation can be taken into consideration by investors, banks, insurance companies and companies’ clients for efficient decision-making and saving resources.

  • Receiving an independent rating mark allows companies becoming more claimed and sought-after on the market, providing a wide range of potential customers with information about them, reducing of costs required for raising credit funds and insuring, and can be an additional advantage in government procurement procedures.

  • Our team

    The Agency R.A.B.C. represents a team of specialists possessing appropriate qualifications required for providing a universal and comprehensive analysis of a subject according to the specially developed scientific methods. Performance of each participant occurs in full compliance with all legislative norms and regulations related to the rating sphere. Another cardinal constituent of corporate ethics of our specialists is abidance to principles of fairness, probity, rightness and moral responsibility which is especially important in such business sphere as providing objective analytical services and experts’ advices.

    Actions of employees performing rating evaluation processes are intermediately monitored and scrupulously controlled by the specially designed Ethics Committee. This department executes monitoring of the personnel for compliance to the ‘Code of professional worker’ and other R.A.B.C. internal documents and regulations.

    Functions of control in the field of assignment of independent rating marks are implemented by a collegial body – the Supervisory Board. At present, executives, representatives of the Russian State Duma, national unions, banks, insurance companies, as well as professional and scientific communities have joined the Supervisory Board of the R.A.B.C

    The R.A.B.C. continues developing the Board and suggests all interested parties to read ‘The Constitution of the Supervisory Board’ and ‘Guidance for candidates’.

    For suggesting your candidature please send us an e-mail with ‘Declaration of an applicant for a position of of R.A.B.C. Supervisory Board member’ filled (see Annex ‘Requirements for candidates’) by the address info@rask.ru or call by the phone +7(495)539-55-25.

    Looking forward to cooperation!